know your worth

i’ve started this million times, a million different ways– and none of them seem to get to where i want to be with this post… so i’ll just put it out there.

i’m checking my email every 5 minutes… waiting for something very important.  something i didn’t know i needed until i had to wait for it.  now, every second is longer than the one before it.  this email could change things.

this email could potentially change day to day life– but more importantly, this email changes the way i see myself.  i’ve spent way too much time in places …with people…that didn’t appreciate me.  i’ve spent too much time being that warm body in a seat,  the space filler, the one that can be overlooked or ignored.

i’m partially to blame.  you’re only as good as you see yourself right?  i’ve spent many, many years telling myself i’m –less than.  i’m an okay mom.  i can be who you need until someone else comes along.  i’m okay at my job.  i’m an okay wife, mother, sister, daughter, student, employee… whatever.

i’m hoping that i’m mostly done with this.  truth is– i’m pretty good at all of those things.  i’m great at some of them… i work hard to be even better.  i’m tired of doubting myself… and i’m tired of settling.

i’m 33– and i deserve more.

pray for me. <3.


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