I hate open letters so I will gladly personalize this and send it to any known offenders.

Dear parents with the sick kid at preschool,

Hello. It’s me. Your overly tired, on-edge, worst nightmare. No, I’m not being dramatic. After you feel my wrath you will know that I am exactly as I claim to be. I will haunt you. When my kid is up at 2 am throwing up his dinner, I will be there to remind you that this is YOUR fault. When my kid starts coughing, crying and screaming at me for trying to give him medicine, you will know about it. When I am the one losing work time, sleep and my sanity– I will find the time to remind you that this all could have been prevented.
I may seem neurotic and crazy but I don’t care anymore. When your kid goes to the hospital with a 105 fever you realize that its perfectly okay to be a little neurotic. A little crazy. It is perfectly okay to blame you if you send your sick child to school. Your actions are selfish. I get not wanting to miss work. I get that it can be inconvenient. However, look at your kid. Your kid needs sleep! You kid’s body needs a fighting chance to get rid of this illness. You shouldn’t want to send them to school.
But, if you do decide to send your sweet, sickly baby to school knowing that they will spread whatever illness they have– you should know that you’re infecting every other little kid in that room. You’re infecting them, their siblings, their parents. Your actions are effecting everyone. You’re causing another parent to lose sleep, miss work and potentially get sick themselves. And if that parent is a little sensitive to their baby’s illnesses to begin with, you’re causing them to lose their minds!
No one wants to watch their kids sniffle, cough, sneeze or deal with a high fever. No one wants their babies to spend the night over the toilet vomiting. Especially the nervous-Nelly mom’s of the world. Watching you tell the teacher that your child is “just tired,” and “warm because it was warm in the car,” gives me rage. You know your child is sick. Own up to your poor decision, turn your child around and walk them back out to the car, drive home and put them in bed. Do it for your kid. Do it for the other kids and for goodness sake DO it for your fellow moms. I promise we will do the same for you.
If you don’t, you can expect me to call you out on it. I’m up to my ears in medicine, thermometers, hand sanitizer, tissues, vitamins and essential oils. What I need is for you to do your job as a parent so we can all get through this season together.


That crazy mom whose kid was out multiple weeks his first year of preschool due to random illnesses that could have been prevented. (insert middle finger emoji.)


Don’t stop until we stop this.

I don’t want to write this.  I don’t want to say anything about this or acknowledge that it is even a thing that happened or is happening.. but I have to.  It is my responsibility as a mother, a citizen, a person…a human. Yesterday we had another mass shooting in America.  A troubled teenager walked into his former high school and killed 17 people before attempting to blend in with the crowd and escape in Parkland, Florida.  I have to admit, when I got the news alert–I glanced at it quickly but didn’t immediately go to the news.  I didn’t even know if it would be covered.  I said a prayer and moved on with my day.  It seems there are so many “mass shootings” at this point that they aren’t even newsworthy unless they are the “second deadliest” or “fifth deadliest” or have some sort of statistical significance.  This, in itself, is alarming.  There shouldn’t be so many mass shootings that I have grown used to them.  There shouldn’t be any at all.

Yet, here we are.  This is one of many mass shootings in 2018 alone, and we are only in the second month of the year.  Why?  Why is this happening?  I am a lot of things when I hear of another one of these events but I am never shocked.  The shock faded many shootings ago.  For this reason, I am angry.  I am furious that yesterday …mothers and fathers sent their babies to school and they didn’t come home.  I am furious that mothers and fathers have lived in hell every day since losing their babies to senseless gun violence.  I am sick for them.  I am sick for our country.  I am just… sick.

When I took my daughter to bed last night I held her so close.  When she insisted on putting her dolls to sleep, repeatedly, I didn’t get frustrated.  I didn’t raise my voice.  I played with her.  I thanked God that I had this time with her.  I thanked God she was here and she was healthy and happy and playing.  I thanked God that she had no idea what happened yesterday and I prayed that she would NEVER know what that fear is like.  I prayed she would be safe… always.  When I came downstairs and my son was still awake talking to my husband… I started to cry.  I love his voice.  I asked him to cuddle and he held me so tight.  I held him and prayed I’d always have the opportunity to do so. I stared at his face.  He has the shape of my eyes. He has my nose.  He has my feet.  He has his daddy’s ears and eye color.  We made him.  We prayed for him and over him.  I grew him…I birthed him, I held him, I fed him, I loved him from the moment I found out he was with me.  The love I have for my children is deeper than I ever thought I could feel about any person.  They are MY babies.  I made them.  I love them.  I grew them.  They are PRECIOUS.  How DARE someone take someone’s baby from them?  How dare someone steal someone’s heart and soul with a single bullet and not think twice about it. How could he?  How could he do this?

I took my son to school this morning and I could hear him breathing in the back seat.  (mouth breather, poor kid lol) I’d never heard anything more beautiful.  I looked over at the school and all the sweet kids running inside.  One child had a poster board– some project he was turning in that day.  Another was yelling at another kid about messing up the carpool line.  I wanted to take my son’s hand and run for it.  I wanted to drive away and be far away from school. I looked back at him and he was oblivious to every thought.  As he should be. I smiled and asked him what he was most looking forward to today and then I walked him inside.

Now, I sit.  I’ve been reading and googling and trying to find ways I can do something about this …but I can’t do it alone.  I don’t even know where to begin.  All I know is that I cannot sit back quietly while this is happening.  We are BETTER than this.


Take a look at this study and you’ll learn that we lead the world in mass shootings.  We have 240 million more firearms than the next highest country, India.  Read the information and then TELL me we don’t have a problem.  If you do, you’re lying.

Yes, we need better mental health services.  Yes, we need gun control.  Yes, we need a lot of things.  I am not interested in getting in internet arguments over which we need more.  We need both.  We need LOVE.  We need to be there for our friends, families and neighbors.  We need to support them, love them and help them.  We do NOT need to revoke restrictions on mentally unstable people with firearms.  We NEED gun control.  I don’t care that the NRA funded this politician or that politician– these politicians, that we vote for and expect to do right by us need to get their heads out of their asses and DO something.  Dan Rather (I believe it was him)  pointed out that when ebola was killing people in the masses and could potentially be a threat to us, we took action.  Yet, here we are.  These shooters have taken our children and our parents and our loved ones over, and over and over again and we aren’t doing a damn thing about it.

I don’t care what your stance on guns is.  I don’t care what your political affiliation is.  I literally don’t care AT all.  All I care about is that another parent doesn’t go through this.  The numbers are there.  We have more guns and more mass shootings than any other country.  Do your own research.  I won’t sway you with what I’ve seen.  If guns aren’t the problem…. what do you think is the problem?  WHAT can we do to fix it?

I don’t have all the answers, or any of the answers.  I just know I’m sick of sitting back while this continues to happen.  My babies are out there… I need them.  This HAS to stop.

Please visit the following site and join the cause.  Donate and Volunteer in your area! 

We have to step up.  We have to be the change.  Prayer is a beautiful, wonderful, powerful thing but we also need ACTION.  How many more lives will it take for us to change this?

Wegreeco Reusable Pads: Review!

Hello friends.  I’ve decided to extend my obvious talents (bahahah) into the youtube world.  I recently made a purchase for reusable pads… I know, glamorous right?  Anyway, I really liked them so much that I decided to tell the world about them.  I think that when you think about bleeding onto a cloth rather than a tampon or pad… it can feel a little weird and out there.  I know I felt that way.  However, I had to find another way to manage my monthly cycle! Tampons and Pads were REALLY irritating me.  And yes, I know that’s a bit of an overshare… but whatever.  I think I can talk about vaginas in my own blog.  Long story short– pads/tampons were making my vagina angry… so …I searched for other options.

Like most of us I went to Amazon (I love you Amazon, please never leave me) and searched many different brands of reusable pads and finally settled on Wegreeco.  I am so glad I made this decision.  So far, I am thrilled with my choice.  I’ve used them and they were very absorbent, leak free and exactly what I needed.  Post-period, my vagina was fine! Such a relief.  I don’t know what exactly is in tampons and pads that was making my body react …but when I realized I was reacting, I knew I needed a better option.  Thankfully this one is better for my body, my bank account and the environment. WIN WIN WIN!

I’m going to give the menstrual cup a try soon… I’m a little nervous. I’ve seen a few buzzfeeds and read some reviews… but this seems like a better option for events/vacations.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.  Comment below with your favorite reusable feminine products — or any product for that matter.  I’m always up for trying new stuff!


Daily rundown… It’s like a newsfeed of my day.

Hello friends.  Recently I’ve been unemployed, again.  This is actually really difficult for me considering I’ve been employed since I was 16 (with the exception of some time at college where I couldn’t find a job in my tiny town  and then for about a month when I got laid off last June).  I personally LOVE to work.  I need something to occupy my mind!  When I sit around with nothing to do… things get crazy, quick.

Let me give you a little run down of my day:

-Woke up at 5 am to realize there was a 2 hour delay for the schools because of invisible snow.
-Got my kids up and made them breakfast (aka took the top off the yogurt and gave them spoons) and got them dressed.
-Made lunches.  (That is SUCH an ordeal.)
-Drove my son to school and made sure to park on the street to walk him in because God forbid I drive AROUND the parents in the carpool lane again…
-Went to Starbucks and got a coffee + egg wrap
Came home, watched Shameless.
-Played 15 levels of Candy Crush, winning each of them on the first try.  (I know, unbelievable.  You’re probably thinking it is a waste of time but those candies aren’t going to crush themselves)
-Put lemon, peppermint and lemongrass in my diffuser because I smell a smell.
-Walked to the kitchen to clean but then remembered I desperately needed to create a new email address that is shorter.  I’m tired of saying my whole name when people ask.
-Watched another episode of Shameless.
-Texted my husband to let him know about my Candy Crush victories.
-Texted my best friend in the UK to ask her to adopt me so I can get the hell out of this country and we could start a baller youtube channel.
-Discussed, surprisingly for the second time this week, whether or not Cast Away was a good movie.
-It’s not. (Tom Hanks is always amazing though.)
-And now, here I am.  My stomach is growling, my house is a wreck but I got my new email address!

I need a job. 


Knowing when to stop

stopsign(does anyone else instinctively stop at this sign?)

Me: “hey…do you ever stop at the signs that are warning you that a stop sign is coming up?”

him: “no…I only stop at stop signs.”

Me: “I always stop at those for some reason… hahaha…its weird.”

him: “I think that shows that you’re in your head and not paying attention.”

me: “No, I think it shows that I’m super attentive. Like not only am I stopping at the stop sign but I’m stopping at the warning stop sign.”

him: “It’s not even the same shape!  Its not a stop sign! You aren’t paying attention… you’re in your head”

me: “but I think I am paying attention… like you have to be SUPER attentive to see the little stop sign in the sign and stop there and at the stop sign.”

him: “no! its NOT a stop sign! you’re definitely not paying attention..”

me: “yeah but I mean, I am.”

him: ::wanting to rip his hair out::

me: ::laughing:: this will probably be a whole section in Jack’s book one day… titled, “I Never Had a Chance”

Us: haaaahahahaha.


Thoughts and such

It is 10:45 and both of my kids are asleep so that is a huge victory oddly enough.  We’ve had 8″ of snow in the past week and now it is 65 degrees.  My kids were inside for days and refused to sleep.  Their schedules are so crazy!  Today I stayed home with my tiniest little because she’s getting over the crud.  So… I had a pretty hard day.

A lot of days have been pretty hard lately.  However, in these hard moments there are other moments.  Not necessarily good moments… but moments.  Moments that I can space out and think of things that don’t really matter I guess… or maybe they really do.  Anyway, I’ve decided to share some of those thoughts- so you can further believe I’ve completely lost my mind.

*Today I was in the kitchen and I felt a tiny breeze only around my ankles.  it was the most bizarre thing.  I immediately wondered if there was a spirit flying around the floor.  I pictured a super tiny one but realized that was ridiculous… it was likely one of my dead cats or something.  Or maybe it was my grandma messing with me.  I looked around but saw nothing and then it went away.  ::shrug::

*I asked my daughter to hold me today.  She said no.  Then she told me to cry.  I immediately burst into laughter because she is the sweetest and the craziest 2 year old I’ve ever met all at the same time.

*Also, birds.  I could write a book on birds.  It would be a book with likely NO bird facts whatsoever because I don’t know anything about birds… but I do think a lot of things about birds.  If you watch them fly they’re really working at it and then they kind of glide.  We don’t really have the equivalent to that.  We can’t just walk really fast and then glide… unless we’re on skates… or driving.  I guess we do have cars and skates and they don’t… but still.  Also, if the wind blows and a bird is flying against the wind and it throws him off course does he freak out?  What if he is afraid to fly?  Can birds be scared of heights?  Can birds be flying and then suddenly be totally afraid of flying?  Are birds ever super mindful and aware that they are flying and then forget how to do it?  Also, when there are birds flying all together and then they all suddenly change direction… why?  How do they know?  How do they know to all go the opposite way?  I really NEED to know.  Also, some birds are really big.  Uncomfortably big.  I’ve seen a few lately that I would assume would be in a zoo or something but they were actually just flying across the street to the gas station.  Toward the gas station… not to the gas station specifically.  Birds are wild.

*Cats.  Is my cat Sophia more cuddly now because she’s 9 or because she knows something I don’t.  When they cuddle my arm or lick my face are they trying to tell me something?  There was that nursing home cat that always flocked to the person that was about to go and so when my cats cuddle I love it and hate it.  Then I hate that I can’t enjoy the moment of my cat cuddling me without over-analyzing it and feeling paranoid.  Also, allergies.  Why the hell am I allergic to my own cats?

Finally, this morning an admin at my son’s school told me I couldn’t drive around the car pool lane anymore and park at the front of the school to drop my son off (even though I totally thought I was allowed to do that since he’s in Pre-K).  My son came home and told my husband that “mommy can’t take my to school anymore because Ms. Misty said that she couldn’t come around anymore…”  My husband questioned what he meant and my son said, “yeah, she can’t come around my school anymore.”  So… there you go.  I break the carpool line and now I sound like a criminal via my 4 year old’s amazing story telling abilities.

There is my update.  I applied for a ton of jobs today and have no idea what I want to do with my life.  Sometimes I’m thankful for these weird little moments that don’t mean anything at all…  because I can zone out and focus on something other than how I actually feel lately.. which isn’t so awesome.  Even so, I’m blessed.  Happy Monday.


I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past

I have had one hell of a week.  One hell of a few weeks actually …or a few months or years… depending on when you want to start counting.

Yesterday I drove past a church and the sign said, “I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.”  I thought… wow, that is very true.   I internalized that for a moment and realized that I feel that I am stronger than I’ve ever been before, yet I feel so defeated.  It was an interesting thing to contemplate.

So why have things been increasingly hard this week?  I’ll tell you.  I used to work for a company that does senior care.  Wow!  What a rewarding job that is… seriously.  I got to “meet” some of the sweetest seniors and had some of the greatest conversations.  I had excellent coworkers and felt very rewarded in what I was doing.  However, there were things that also stuck out to me that weren’t quite right. I won’t go into those details here because they’re personal and they will be dealt with but just trust that though I found a wonderful industry, I needed a better company.

I decided to put out applications and was delighted to hear from a seemingly wonderful company that was voted top 100 places to work last year!  I was so excited to advance my career with this company and continue to work out my passion of helping seniors, the disabled, etc.  Of course, before I applied for these positions I checked with the HR at my company to make sure there was nothing preventing me from doing so… and they said I was good to go.  I wasn’t good to go.  In my paperwork was a non-compete.  I have no recollection of signing it and am certain I didn’t know the extent of what it meant but that’s neither here nor there.  Long story short, my previous position stopped me from stepping into my new role.  She smiled as she handed me the document.

I consulted a lawyer and she told me that in NC it would be a very difficult, costly process to fight them.  And for whatever reason, I didn’t have it in me to fight them.  I felt that even though I’d been so wronged by these people trying to make an example of me… that the universe would work it all out in some way.

I’ve heard things here and there about them and I feel that they’re reaping what they’ve sowed I guess.. but more importantly… I’ve seen such generosity from others.  I saw my psychiatrist this week and had a wonderful talk with her.  I told her that everything felt like shit… things were shit and I felt like shit and …those were my exact words really.  She let me get them all out and she reassured me.  I really got connected with my psychiatrist after the birth of my daughter and what a blessing that was.  She genuinely cares about my well-being and is there for me through every stage.  I’ve raved about her this week because when you find a business that is truly wonderful, run by people that are genuine and pure in their intentions… it should be celebrated.

My daughter’s daycare reached out to me as well and told me they were willing to half her tuition for the next several months until I could find a job. WOW!  This is a very wonderful school and I believe it has a waiting list! She did not have to offer something so generous… but she did.  She told me that we were a good family and my daughter was a great kid.  She wanted to help out as MUCH as she could.

I’ve also had so many friends reach out to me during this time. I mean, seriously guys… Phone calls, texts, lunches… I have been so blessed with the connections I’ve made and the people I’ve come to know and love.  When shit sucks… I have friends all over the world sending me those good vibes, praying for me and checking on me.  I love you guys!

With that being said, even with the love and support and the very-necessary-perfectly-timed-generous-gestures… there are hard times.  There are really difficult times.  I cried the other night until I couldn’t cry anymore and then I fell asleep.  I woke up at 3 am and cried some more.  My 22 month old rolled over (co-sleeping for the win!) and in the silence of the middle of the night I heard the SWEETEST sound.  She said, “mommy.”  I looked at her and said, “hey baby… i’m sorry, go to sleep.”  She said, “mommy sick?”  I said… “no baby, just sad.  Mommy is okay. ”  She then sat up and said, “Mommy, let me hold you.”  My little perfect girl.  She held me and I couldn’t help but cry harder.  My baby is such a caretaker with a gentle, sweet, caring spirit and she knew what her mama needed.  So blessed.

This morning, my son didn’t want to go to school.  He told me there would be a fire drill… that school was cancelled, etc.  I took him there and told him I would ask the teacher if there was going to be a fire drill and if there was going to be one I would stay with him for as long as I was able to.  I got to the school and was surprised there was no fire drill.   I told him this and he stood there panicking.  He started pacing, digging at his arms and tearing up.  I sat there and held him and talked with him.  He then told his teacher that “mommy needs to work here.”  My heart fell into my stomach.  I realized that my sweet, perceptive, beautiful little boy was worried about my situation.  He had been worried about it all week and was trying to fix it.  I’d thought I’d been careful about discussing anything in depth with him… and explained everything “kid friendly,” but he is such a sweet soul.  Our souls are so connected I know he feels when things aren’t quite right.  My heart broke into a billion pieces as I had to walk away and let his teacher help him cope/breathe/relax and adapt.  I knew it was the best thing but I sat there in the car crying and staring at the rain beating the windshield for 45 minutes… frozen.  I couldn’t leave… but I knew I probably shouldn’t stay and all I wanted to do was tell these people that they’d ruined everything… and now my kids?!

I called my husband over and over and over and tried to get him to talk me down but then I called my former employer.  I wanted to tell her what this was causing… that the loss in income was the LEAST of my worries at the moment… all I cared about was making my child feel secure.  I wanted to say that what’s “Business” to you… is someone’s life… but I’ve said it all before.  Some people don’t change.  Nothing I say or do will make them feel any remorse for what they’ve put us through… but regardless, it shouldn’t matter anyway.

I am trying to stay calm, focused, and pure.  My heart aches but I’ve utilized many resources.  I’ve called my parents, my friends, my husband, my psychiatrist, the crisis hotline, etc.  I’ve tried to find inspiration in little moments and encouragement in everyday things that maybe I wouldn’t have noticed before.  I do find that so much negative makes you really, really appreciate and see the positive.  It becomes quite clear and in focus.  It was always there and is always there but sometimes you have to go through some things to really see it.

I am blessed beyond measure.  I’ve always been taken care of and I always will be.  My children are pure, beautiful, caring, kind, amazing humans.  My husband and I are doing a FANTASTIC job of raising beautiful, loving people.  I can say that honestly and therefore I have everything.  I have a lot of work to do.  I have to start with what is most important and work my way out.  I need to protect my kids and help heal their hearts and minds… focus on finding a new job and calming myself.   Each day I have to remind myself that it IS worth it… and that I am worth it.  Practicing self compassion is not something I am good at doing.  I am the first to beat myself up when it all goes to shit… but hey… maybe now is the time to work on it even more.

This post is long and I don’t even know where it started… but I had to write it.  I don’t even know if I’ll re-read it.  I just hope that if you read it… you practice kindness.  It makes a huge difference.